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Medical pedicure

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The aim of a medical pedicure is to relieve and prevent pain, but also the side effects of pathologies. Corns, calluses, crevices or partridge eye are thus treated by a medical pedicure.
A medical pedicure session usually takes place as follows:

• The foot will be disinfected with alcohol and then examined to determine which problems need to be treated;
• If necessary, large cotton swabs soaked in an antiseptic and detergent solution (H.A.C.) are passed over the epidermis;
• The nails are automatically cut, filed and cleared on the sides;
• The removal of corns or calluses is done gently, using a scalpel;
• Sanding the heels softens the skin;
• Disinfection of the entire foot;
• The foot is dried then massaged with a specific foot cream;
• If areas of risk of infection persist, antibiotic ointment is applied. Wicks are placed in the event of ingrown toenails.

Depending on the care required, the session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes

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