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How to prepare yourself well for home health care (midwife at home, nurse at home, doctor at home, senior's aide at home, physiotherapist at home, osteopath at home)?


The Professional adapts without any problem to your place of living, whether you live in a large house or a small studio. Simply provide a comfortable place in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable throughout your care. Depending on your treatment, you will receive more precise instructions from your Professional.

Do I need a credit card to pay for the home service?


Yes, Hop Hop only works with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card. You register your credit card when you create your SweetNest profile. This way, you pay for your home services simply by validating your Professional's service when it is completed.

Can I evaluate the performance of the Professional?


Evaluation and continuous improvement are part of the foundation of SweetNest.
We value your feedback. Your comments and ratings allow us to evaluate our professionals and deliver the best service to you.

How to prepare for a hairdressing at home?


The Professional adapts without problem to your place of life, whether you live in a large house or a small studio. There is always a place to put a chair in front of a mirror, whether in your bathroom or in the salon. It doesn't matter. Provide access to water, two towels, a vacuum cleaner or a paper towel... and most importantly, a little music, a candle, tea/coffee, and anything else you need to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Depending on the home hairstyle you have ordered, you will receive tailor-made information from your Pro.

How can I make a specific request for a reservation?


At any time you can talk to SweetNest, in order to transmit a specific request to the Professional, ask him a question, or exchange practical information. In this way, each service can be adapted to your needs.

Can we pay as easily as on Uber or Deliveroo?


Absolutely! The operation is the same. When you create your SweetNest account, you register a credit card with which you will automatically pay for the home services you book. Payment by credit card is made after validation of the service.

How can I cancel a booking? Are there any charges?


Working hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm:

  1. Cancellation more than 8 working hours before the scheduled appointment : no cancellation fee;
  2. Cancellation between 4 and 8 working hours before the scheduled appointment: a flat-rate cancellation fee of ten (10) euros;
  3. Cancellation between 1 hour and 4 hours before the scheduled appointment: cancellation fee of 50% of the amount of the Order;
  4. Cancellation between 1 working hour and the time of the scheduled appointment: cancellation fee of 80% of the Order; and
  5. Cancellation after the scheduled appointment time, or in the event that the Customer is absent 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time: 100% of the Order.

Do I have to pay the Professional's parking fee?


Your Pro may add a possible parking fee if no free parking is available.

Do I have to pay the travel expenses of the Professional who comes to my home?


No, travel expenses are included in the price for all types of home services: Beauty & Wellnes at home. If the journey is particularly long, your Professional will inform you in advance of any additional costs, in full transparency.

How to prepare for a home beauty treatment?


The Professional can easily adapt to your living space, whether you live in a large house or a small studio. For a manicure at home, simply prepare a table and two chairs. For a pedicure at home, provide a towel to put your feet on and settle into your living room, for example. For a home waxing, you can sit on your couch or bed. Provide access to water, a towel, a paper towel or a vacuum cleaner, and especially a little music, a candle, tea/coffee, and anything else you want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Enjoy!

Are there any specific measures to apply at home for covid-19?


Yes! All our Professionals follow a covid-19 protocol. Please do so as well.

  1. Wash your hands before and after each home service.
  2. Wear a mask for services within 1.50m of each other.
  3. One client only per room.

Payment is automatic via the application, so no cash exchange!

Is the equipment necessary for my home service included in the price?


Yes, small equipment is included in the price. In case of exceptional costs or equipment with a significant cost, your Professional will add them to the price of the home service. For example, the parts to be replaced to repair your boiler will be added to the cost of the service.

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Can I continue to serve my existing customers?


Of course you can! However, the more clients you accept via SweetNest, the more new assignments we will send you. It is a virtuous circle to increase your income easily. Join the community of Pros SweetNest and see for yourself.

What is the professional status required to be part of the Professionals Community?


Hop Hop is for all freelancers / complementary freelancers who wish to increase their income easily thanks to the clients using the App.

As a Professional, can I evaluate the client?


Yes, the best possible experience with SweetNest is achieved through a Professional and efficient, but also through a punctual, friendly, and well-organised client. The Professional community can therefore rate its customers at the end of a service to encourage continuous improvement in the SweetNest community.

What documents do I need to provide to become a Professional?


We require a copy of your identity card (ID), a profile photo, your diploma or proof of experience in your professional sector, a VAT number or INAMI number for healthcare professionals.

How am I paid for my home services?


When creating your SweetNest Pro profile, you join the community of Professionals, the best professionals in each sector (home nurse, home doctor, home physiotherapist, caregiver, pedicure, home hairdresser, home manicure, home massage, home sports coach, ...).

You then set up your "Stripe" account (payment solution), which will be credited with the amount of each service you perform at home. You then simply transfer the balance of your Stripe account to your bank account every month via the SweetNest Pro App. It's easy!

Is there a subscription or do I have to pay a commission to SweetNest?


Being part of the community of Professionals is free! You don't have to pay anything to gain new customers with SweetNest. The Professional's remuneration corresponds to the amount that is offered to him before he accepts a Service. SweetNest's remuneration for the realisation of the Services corresponds to the difference between the price accepted by the Professional and the price paid by the Client.

How are the rates for home services set?


The rates for home services have been set in agreement with Professionals in each professional sector, so that the remuneration is fair and transparent, while remaining attractive to customers!


In which areas can I book a home service with SweetNest?


At the moment, our Professionals only travel in the city of Brussels and its suburbs. Of course, we will expand the radius as we go along. Download the App to keep up to date with the evolution of the SweetNest home service zones.

How does a SweetNest home service experience work?


Book and we come to your home in a few clicks, 24/7, from your bed, or on the bus ...  Once your profile is created on the App, you can request the home service you want (hairdresser at home, home beautician, breakdown service, electrician, heating engineer, home nurse...), indicating several slots that suit you. We find you the best Professional available to take care of you at home, and this Professional validates the appointment which is then confirmed. Once the service is completed, your credit card is simply debited after validation of the service.

How are our Professionals selected?


Our professionals travel from home to home to serve their clients.
We carefully select the best professionals in each sector (home nurse, home doctor, home physiotherapist, care assistant, pedicurist, home hairdresser, home manicurist, home massage, home sports coach,  ...), taking into account their experience, qualifications, friendliness and professionalism. We speak individually with each of them to ensure you a quality service at each service.

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