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SweetNest is a home service platform where you choose when and where you work. We find you customers so that you can focus on making them happy

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Built for nomadic professionals


Hairdresser, beautycare, make up, nails, depilation, manicure, pedicure...


Massage, personal trainer, workout, yoga, boxing, crossfit, nutrition, coaching...


Doctor, nurse, paediatrician, chiropractor, midwife, help for seniors...

Why join SweetNest PRO ?

Increase revenues

You keep your existing customers. SweetNest is just more. More customers that we bring you, but also more revenues by saving time in communication, diary management and by optimising your routes, you increase the number of appointments per day and your turnover


No subscription fees. A commission is paid by the customer on the amount requested for your services.

Improve customer experience

Increased timing and schedule reliability. Less frustration and more satisfaction by letting your customers benefit from modern tech tools. (SMS, WhatsApp, Email, calendar, maps, real time info...)

Increase productivity

Save time and let our assistant do all the planning, booking and communication work for you. Focus solely on visiting your customers and getting them the best service.

Reduce cost

By being on the road and optimizing your visits to your customers, you can cut out transport, assistance, communication and potentially reduce rent and office costs

Secure your income

We make payment easy: your customer pays by credit card, via the application. We take a pre-authorization on the card. In case of late cancellation, we charge a penalty or even 100% of the service

Just ride!

Improve your work life balance, by optimizing your planning. Wind blowing in your hair, Hop Hop is all about freedom and being free to make your own decision on how and when you work.

Go greener

By optimizing and tweaking your routing, you will spend less time on the road and reduce your carbon footprint

We are always looking for more services...
Any suggestions?

Can I continue to serve my existing customers?


Of course you can! However, the more clients you accept via SweetNest, the more new assignments we will send you. It is a virtuous circle to increase your income easily. Join the community of Pros SweetNest and see for yourself.

What documents do I need to provide to become a Professional?


We require a copy of your identity card (ID), a profile photo, your diploma or proof of experience in your professional sector, a VAT number or INAMI number for healthcare professionals.

What is the professional status required to be part of the Professionals Community?


Hop Hop is for all freelancers / complementary freelancers who wish to increase their income easily thanks to the clients using the App.

As a Professional, can I evaluate the client?


Yes, the best possible experience with SweetNest is achieved through a Professional and efficient, but also through a punctual, friendly, and well-organised client. The Professional community can therefore rate its customers at the end of a service to encourage continuous improvement in the SweetNest community.

Is there a subscription or do I have to pay a commission to SweetNest?


Being part of the community of Professionals is free! You don't have to pay anything to gain new customers with SweetNest. The Professional's remuneration corresponds to the amount that is offered to him before he accepts a Service. SweetNest's remuneration for the realisation of the Services corresponds to the difference between the price accepted by the Professional and the price paid by the Client.

How are the rates for home services set?


The rates for home services have been set in agreement with Professionals in each professional sector, so that the remuneration is fair and transparent, while remaining attractive to customers!

How am I paid for my home services?


When creating your SweetNest Pro profile, you join the community of Professionals, the best professionals in each sector (home nurse, home doctor, home physiotherapist, caregiver, pedicure, home hairdresser, home manicure, home massage, home sports coach, ...).

You then set up your "Stripe" account (payment solution), which will be credited with the amount of each service you perform at home. You then simply transfer the balance of your Stripe account to your bank account every month via the SweetNest Pro App. It's easy!

Our pros ❤️ SweetNest!

It's really comfortable to work with SweetNest, because all my appointments are managed by the application, as well as payments or invoices. All I have to do is accept or refuse grooming assignments at home and the rest is effortless. A real plus!

Delphine C.
34 yo. - 1030 Schaerbeek

I like to go to my clients' homes, it's more intimate than a salon.

Sylvie W.
24 yo - 1040 Etterbeek